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How We Help

The Fresh Start Program is a series of helpful government issued tax relief solutions. A tax resolution expert at America’s Choice Tax Relief will explore other relief options for you with the IRS.

Get an accurate depiction of your taxes. This gives you a better idea of the health of your finances and that you’re compliant with Internal Revenue Service regulations.

IRS liens and levies are control over your assets until you pay off your tax liability. Remove IRS control over your assets and take your life back.

At some point in your life, you may have missed filing your tax return. We’ll be happy to assist you with your unfiled tax returns.

Get an accurate depiction of your taxes. This gives you a better idea of the health of your finances and that you are compliant with Internal Revenue Service regulations.

We specialize in helping thousands of Americans with tax preparation, tax negotiation, tax consultation, and tax resolution in addition to 14 more comprehensive  services to resolve your tax problems with the IRS. Our team boasts 50+ years of helping clients get back $50 million from IRS tax resolution programs over the last two years.

Why We Are America's Choice

Tax Pros On Staff
Our registered tax professionals are in-house and on staff to provide consistent service and ensure that everyone is on the same page professionally.
We Resolve Your Taxes Fast
We pride ourselves on resolving your tax faster than the rest of them. We work efficiently to get results.
100% Success Rate on Pre-Approved Cases
Our money-back guarantee ensures that we fight to give you the best tax relief service possible. You can qualify for a complete refund if we don’t satisfy our promise.
Over 50 Years Of Experience
America’s Choice Tax has over 50 years of experience helping people resolve their tax problems with the IRS, resolving over $50 million over the last two years.

The Process

1. Consultation

A free professional conversation with a tax professional to discuss your tax situation in depth.

2. Investigation

Begin communication with the IRS and investigate your tax relief qualifications. Establish a plan that would give you the best tax resolution.

3. Tax Resolution

We execute the plan of action. Our tax professionals are mediators between you and the IRS to ensure communication is open on both ends.

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America’s Choice Tax Relief, Inc. Website Disclaimer

IRS tax resolution results are based on previous negotiation processes; personal outcomes will differ on a case by case basis. This includes your ability to give America’s Choice Tax Relief accurate and timely information that represents your financial situation. We do not guarantee that you qualify for any IRS tax resolution programs, that your taxes will be eliminated or decreased, or that they will be settled within a specific timeframe. Unless specifically told otherwise, your back taxes will continue to accrue penalty fees and interest fees until you pay back the IRS in full. As a tax resolution firm, America’s Choice Tax Relief is independent of the IRS. We will not be responsible for personal or business related tax liability, contribute monthly payments to creditors on your behalf, or administer tax, legal, bankruptcy, or accounting instruction.

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Guarantee Disclaimer
** America’s Choice Tax Relief, INC (“ACTR”) will refund money paid in compliance with ACTR Client Agreement within the first 3 calendar days without penalty or obligation to ACTR. Our money-back guarantee is only applicable to our Investigation Phase service and not for individuals enrolled in our Immediate Action Team or proceeded with our Resolution Phase Addendum program. America’s Choice Tax Relief does not ensure lower tax liability or the elimination thereof. We do not guarantee or promise a favorable outcome of proposed services.